Your region is determined by your physical address and not that of your club

Full racing license

This category of license is for riders from the age of 17 years who wish to be eligible for national selection and respective colour awards and will be entitled to partake in national championships or series races and be seeded accordingly. Those who race in the UCI categories (Junior, U23 and Elite) earn UCI points, which will assist them in being seeded at future UCI category events, World Cups and Championships. The applicant has to be a member of an affiliated club, as well as be a registered member of Cycling SA. These must be done simultaneously for a full racing license to be valid – these licenses are only valid from 1 January to 31 December each year.


A membership holder is entitled to enter any event, irrespective of discipline, without having to purchase a day license. A membership of Cycling SA is the most basic form of license and is an agreement of the rider to abide by the rules of the event in which they participate. Membership is valid for 12 months from date of joining.

Day license 

The day license is designed to allow the absolute newcomers of the sport to participate within the rules and regulations of the sport. These participants, who do not hold a full license or membership, need to purchase a day license – this costs R35 and is only valid for one day.

Provincial levy 

Most provinces/regions charge an additional levy to assist with the development and running of the provincial/regional structures. These levies are automatically added when renewing or registering as a member according to the address you provide. Currently Gauteng North’s levy is R50.