BMX Cycling

BMX cycling takes place on purpose-build outdoor and indoor tracks. Bicycle moto cross (BMX) consists of two specialities:

  1. BMX Supercross – raced on a 350-400m circuit. Eight riders launch themselves from an eight-metre high ramp and race over a track alternating bumps, banked corners and flat sections. The battle for first place is fierce, as it is necessary to finish in the first four of the heats to have a place in the next round and then in the final. Depending on the lay-out of the section, the riders try either to land quickly in order to gain speed, or to gain height (riders reach up to nearly five metres high).
  2. BMX Freestyle – Freestyle is a question of executing figures and jumps. It can be carried out on the flat, on obstacles or on a ramp. Riders are judged on their figures (difficulty, originality and style).

Top BMX racers are highly-trained sprint athletes with superb bike control, quick reactions and nerves of steel!