Gauteng North has been involved with the development of riders for many years. This initiative started with the attendance and participation in organized youth events, like the old “Eric van Enter” and lately the Youth Festivals.

Development can also be categorised:

  1. Transformation – introducing cycling to people that have never had the opportunity to own or ride a bicycle.
  2. The development of existing riders of colour.
  3. The development of existing young riders of all races that are already showing potential.

Gauteng North is also committed to Development Clubs and encourages these Clubs to make contact with us in order to become part of the cycling fraternity.

Development is taking place through the different disciplines. Regular ‘learn-to-ride-track’ sessions are held at Pilditch free of charge – introducing riders to track cycling.

A lot of the Clubs and event organizers also offer ‘free-entry’ for development riders/groups. Feel free to contact them should you wish to find out if this service is available at the next race you would like to participate in.