Road Cycling 

South Africa is proud to host the biggest, timed road race in the World – The Cape Town Cycle Tour (previously known as the Argus).

Road cycling consists of four types of events:

  1. Road Race – the riders start together in a bunch, grouped together either according to age or seeding. Distances vary according to age & gender. Road races have several different formats: one day races from one point to another, on a circuit with a number of laps or stage races over several days.
  2. Individual Time Trial – this is raced over different distances according to age & gender. The riders set off individually at regular intervals (1-2) minutes). The competitor completing the course in the fastest time is the winner. The riders should complete the whole course without any outside assistance.
  3. Team Time Trial – the principle is the same as for the individual time trial, but this event is raced by teams of 2-10 riders. The team with the fastest time is the winner.
  4. Criterium – closed road circuits (over a short distance) often having demanding corners with lots of braking, accelerating and cornering, demanding power and riding skill. These races last a certain time + one last lap after the bell.

Road racing demands great endurance, good bike handling, skill & tactical know-how from the rider. It’s often a rider’s ability to read a race and follow the right move that gets them the win.