Our vision, mission and objectives are:


  • Encourage, nurture, care for, control and promote development of all cycling disciplines and cyclists, within the geographical boundaries of GN and any other agreed areas;
  • Be a representative body in Gauteng North Region and other agreed areas for the furtherance of the interest of cycling;
  •  Aim to improve conditions for cyclists with particular regard to their safety;
  • Arrange, assist members to arrange cycle tours, fun rides, races and outings;
  • Co-ordinate cycling races and events in respect of all cycling disciplines,
  • Maintain an amicable relationship with all affiliated cycling clubs and individual members, nurturing a spirit of friendly rivalry in competition;
  • Establish, contact and liaise with and, where appropriate affiliate with other organizations, particularly at Provincial and National level, having similar or complementary interests and objectives;
  • Assist affiliated clubs for the successful promotion of cycling;
  • To grant permission to clubs, affiliated bodies or sports promoting bodies to hold cycling events under guidance of GNC and against prior payment of such fees as may from time to time be decided upon by GNC or requested by Provincial/National Body;
  • To Stage an annual Cycling Championship in all disciplines (or in conjunction with other Gauteng Regions) and such other events as may be deemed advisable with the right to allocate Gauteng North Regional Championship status to cycling events held by affiliated clubs, bodies or parting promotion bodies holding their events under guidance from GNC;
  • To provide for the keeping of officials lists of records or all cycling performances in Gauteng North. All clubs, bodies, or promoting bodies staging the events will be responsible for furnishing GNC with lists of performances of each participant within seven days of the staging of each event;
  • To maintain good relations and negotiate with provincial, through Gauteng Province Cycling and local Authorities to foster cycling;
  • To frame rules, regulations and definitions in Gauteng North Region and the compliance thereof;
  • To consider application for membership;
  • To take over from the Local Authority on such terms and conditions as may be laid down by the Local Authority as Trustee, any grounds, buildings, conveniences and equipment to be provided by the Local Authority or State Department and provide for the maintenance and upkeep thereof;
  • To purchase and sell all manner of GNC’s apparatus and equipment to the advantage of its members;
  • Matters pertaining to Cycling Officials will be delegated to GNC Officials commission who will carry out these functions on behalf of GNC. If the GNC officials Commission should disband the Gauteng North Cycling Executive Committee to ensure that a new GNC commission is formed; and
  • GNC shall be a Public Benefit Organization and as such shall not have a profit motive. All funds generated by GNC shall be utilized in the best interest of the Members of GNC 


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